Private Class

Only 1 Student

We highly recommend private class for those who are very good at language learning, busy with...

Mini Class

2 or 3 Student in a class

We highly recommend this Mini Class for those who want to learn with a partner or with friends...

Group Class

Minimum 4 Students in a class

This class is very good because you can learn something from your classmates. You can practice...


  • I am a Translator and i wanted to take classes to be able eventually add a third language to my business languages. the classes i have are fun and of high standard. You can make your time as challenging or as easy as you want . Mixing speaking, writing and listening with grammar, learning words and fun is a great way to learn a language. Highly recommended.  

    -- Mrs. Anna

  • I have completed two levels of indonesian at Seminyak Language School as i am running a restaurant in Bali. I started in a small class of six where i learnt all the basics and some very helpful information about indonesian culture. The second level gave me a lot more confidence and understanding of the language and the teacher always included things pertinent to working in restaurant. I would recommend Ater and the Seminyak Language School to anyone living in Bali for a better appreciation of Bali and its people.

    -- Mrs. Kathy Wilmott